Why Crafter’s Market UK is a Better Choice for Crafters Than Etsy

Published on July 11th, 2024

When it comes to selling handmade goods, artisans and crafters have a range of online platforms to choose from. Among these, Etsy has long been a popular choice, but recent changes and growing competition have led many to reconsider. In this article, we highlight why we think Crafter’s Market UK might be the better option for crafters looking to sell their handmade items.

Lower Fees and Costs


One of the most immediate and significant benefits of Crafter’s Market UK is its lower costs. Etsy now charges a £14 fee just to sign up for a shop. This upfront cost can be a deterrent for new crafters or those on a tight budget. In contrast, Crafter’s Market UK offers a free sign up process on the Basic package, providing a more affordable entry point, allowing crafters to start selling without the burden of initial costs.

Transparent and Fair Pricing

Crafter’s Market UK prides itself on transparent pricing structures, with no hidden fees. Sellers on Etsy often encounter a range of additional costs, including listing fees, transaction fees, off-site advertising fees and payment processing fees, which can quickly add up and eat into profits. Crafter’s Market UK simplifies this by providing a clear and straightforward fee structure, helping crafters keep more of their earnings.

Dedicated Support for UK Crafters

Being a UK-based platform, Crafter’s Market UK is uniquely positioned to support local crafters. It offers tailored services and support that cater specifically to the UK market. This localised focus means better customer service, understanding of local market trends, and more relevant marketing opportunities, making it easier for UK crafters to thrive.

Better Visibility and Less Competition

Etsy is a massive global marketplace with millions of sellers. While this size can bring a lot of potential buyers, it also means immense competition. New or smaller crafters can find it difficult to stand out. Crafter’s Market UK, while growing, is more focused and less saturated, giving sellers a better chance to be noticed by potential customers. The platform’s targeted audience is specifically interested in UK handmade and crafted goods, increasing the likelihood of sales.

Focused Marketing Efforts

Crafter’s Market UK invests in marketing efforts that directly benefit its sellers. Unlike Etsy, where sellers might need to pay extra for ads and promotions to get noticed, Crafter’s Market UK ensures its marketing strategies are inclusive, aiming to highlight all sellers and their unique products. This can be particularly beneficial for new sellers looking to establish their presence. Adverts/Highlighted products are opted-in to ensure any costs are clear to vendors.

Tailored Tools and Resources

Crafter’s Market UK offers tools and resources specifically designed for crafters. These include user-friendly shop setup processes, inventory management, and promotional tools that are tailored to the needs of handmade goods. This dedicated support helps crafters manage their businesses more efficiently and effectively.


While Etsy remains a well-known platform for selling handmade goods and by all means, can be utilised, Crafter’s Market UK presents a compelling alternative for UK-based crafters. With lower fees, transparent pricing, dedicated support, a strong community, and focused marketing efforts, Crafter’s Market UK offers a more accessible and supportive environment for crafters to grow their businesses.

For those looking to maximise their profits and minimise hassle, Crafter’s Market UK is undoubtedly worth considering.