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About thimble-and-fabric

I’m Jess, a Surrey based mum of two. Thimble and Fabric began as my bridal seamstressing business, but with weddings on hold due to the pandemic, I found time to rekindle my childhood love of hand embroidery.

I am passionate about debunking the myth that embroidery is only for ‘crafty’ people! I design modern, colourful embroidery kits, which are accessible for complete beginners. Not only are my designs fun to create, they also look great hung on the wall when they’re stitched.

At a time when it has felt especially hard to switch off, for many people crafting has become a form of meditation. My goal is to encourage this, by offering products that inspire mindful living and promote creativity.

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Sarah White
5 reviews 13/10/2021 20:35

Thank you for the lovely kit, loved making the Christmas tree on car, very helpful instructions 😊

5.0 Feature
5.0 Quality
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