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Hello everyone,

My name is Sneji. I’m from Bulgaria and I have lived in the UK since 2020.

On several occasions I had to stay at home, due to unforeseen circumstances. While
making time pass quicker, I was browsing around the web and came across videos where
people would decorate different things in all sorts of ways. It became really interesting to me
and I fell for it instantly.

As I have a degree in economics, throughout my life, I’ve never had the
chance to do anything similar, so I decided to give it a shot.

After trying one thing and then another, 10 months in today I continue putting love and effort into this
activity, which I can honestly say is my favourite now. It brings many positive emotions to myself and I
invest these into my crafts, as I believe they can be passed along. Each one has been made with a
great amount of pleasure.

I truly hope my handmade souvenirs are going to bring joy and positivity to you as well!

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