Shop From Small Craft Businesses & Keep Costs Low at Christmas


Shopping from small local businesses this Christmas has never been so important! (I know, we said that last year after Covid)! But with living costs on the rise every small business is struggling and they are counting on our support. Without us, a lot of small businesses will face closure this winter. 

Costs are rising for you too though…

So why should you be supporting small businesses this Christmas, when it is cheaper and easier to buy imported mass produced items from the local supermarket? 

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Support Your Economy

You know the saying ‘keep it in the family.’ Well, the same concept applies to keeping money within our economy. We don’t want to be sending money to corporate businesses keeping their money offshore accounts do we? Of course not, we want to spend money on Doris’ hand knitted winter hats, who will then use her money to feed her family lovely carrots from Bill, the local green grocer – who sells locally produced fruit and veg from Frank & Betty’s farm down the road.

Frank & Betty then pay tax contributions to their local council, and that money then ends up being used in local community initiatives to make our towns and cities a better place. Well, there or thereabouts, but you get the jist right? Keeping our money within our own economy will help us recover faster from the economic crisis that we are facing. 

Get that feel good feeling!

I bet when you bought that winter beanie you thought you were just supporting Doris didn’t you? But look at all the other people you have indirectly supported… Doris’ family, Bill, Betty and Frank! Doesn’t the thought of that just fill you with a warm squishy feeling in your heart?

The best thing is, your beanie hat will last and last because it has been lovingly handmade by Doris herself, who happens to use the finest materials and wouldn’t ever dream of letting a less than perfect item leave her hands. Her business reputation depends on the highest quality items arriving at your door. And if a faulty item does slip through the net then you can bet your bottom dollar that Doris will do all she can to ensure you remain a happy customer!  

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“That’s great! But fuel and living costs are going through the roof! So how can I shop small businesses while keeping costs low?”

Pretty much everyone right now

Spead the cost!

Typically most small businesses start to get organised for Christmas in July! This gives you plenty of chance to spread the cost! Shopping early also means you get the chance to snap up old Christmas stock clearances at low prices, and also take advantage of ‘New Release’ offers!

Think about where you shop!

Visit local brick & mortar small businesses, local craft shops often contain a multitude of small businesses all under one roof! If shopping online, avoid high fee marketplaces like Etsy & Amazon Handmade – sellers often increase their prices to cover their fees, but if you shop on marketplaces like Crafter’s Market UK, Folksy and Made By Mums, who charge sellers much less to use their platforms, you are likely to find items are lower in price as a result. 

So, shop smart this Christmas and shop on Crafter’s Market UK – Where we also plant a tree with every sale! BONUS!

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