Seller Guide

General information about setting up your shop profile, listing your products and payment settings

This page has been created to provide our sellers with information about setting up their shop and listing their products.

Setting up your profile

The first thing you'll want to do is personalise your shop! Make it your own with a profile picture, header and small description. You can do this through the Store Manager.

Your shop will only be visible after you've published your first product.

How long does it take to get paid?

Payouts are automated and typically take 5-7 days

5-7 days

How much will I receive?

On our Basic package we take just 5% commission when you make a sale. The only other fee that's taken from your sale is from our chosen payment processor, Stripe, that take 1.4% + 20p.

Note: This chart shows the cost break down of our Basic package only.

Your share

Your share
Payment Processing
1.4% + 20p

Our share

Expenses & running costs
Margin & investment

Helpful links

Facebook Vendor Group

Looking for some tips and tricks? Or perhaps you'd like an opinion? Join our Vendor only group to connect with likeminded vendors.

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Facebook Sales Group

We have a handy public group where you can freely share your products to customers.

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Tutorials & Help

Need some pointers or not sure how to do something? Check out our growing knowledgebase resource

Visit the Knowledgebase

What can I sell?

We're working on a seller's handbook, for now please see our basic "What can I sell" list.

What can I sell on CMUK?

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