Our Crafter's Market Story

Ever wondered where we’re heading? We’ve mapped out our goal for Crafter’s Market UK right below for you

The quick intro

In order to succeed you should probably know where you’re heading. That’s why we’ve mapped out exactly where we’d like to go in our plan below. Our objective for Crafter’s Market UK is pretty straightforward. To be the go to marketplace for anyone wishing to sell and buy quality UK crafts.

In order to accomplish this we know we have to complete various goals first.

We’re calling this our “Roadmap to Market”.

Open Beta & Vendor Invite

Our goals here are to set up our “Phase 1” platform, which will allow us to offer everything we know crafters may need to sell online. We’re also crazy busy reaching out to amazing artists and creative crafters who would like to advertise on CMUK.

Alongside all of this, we’re actively setting up categories on request, filling in our knowledgebase and planning for the next phase of our bright idea 💡

State: ✅

Official Launch & Customer Invite

The scary bit! Officially launching! No turning back now! This goal will transition our efforts from vendor advertising to Vendor and customer advertising. What good is a market without footfall? We’ll be utilising everything we know to advertise our marketplace to make it as valuable to you as possible as a buyer and a seller.

Alongside this phase we’ll be introducing various exciting features that have already been requested as well as our exclusive “Plus” membership that will help our sellers out.

State: ✅

Dedicated Platform + iOS/Android Mobile Apps

This is admittedly what David (our developer/potter) is looking forward to the most. By this stage we plan to have regular sales and crafters utilising CMUK to its fullest. We know by this point we’ll need to improve beyond our current platforms capabilities.

The best thing about this phase? It’s already in the planning. For Phase 3 we will be introducing a sitewide upgrade along with iOS and Android mobile apps for buyers. We will also be working with vendors to create a seller-specific app to make managing your own shop as easy as it possibly can.