Products Eligible for Google Shopping on Crafter’s Market UK


We’ve been hard at work refining how our products on Crafter’s Market UK can be found lately. Today we can proudly announce that, where eligible, our products can be found on Google’s Shopping tab!

google shopping
Where eligible, our products are being listed on the Google Shopping tab

We’re always on the look out for opportunities for our vendors, Google Shopping is certainly one of those opportunities to get your product out there more with absolute zero additional cost. A no brainer right?

Well it seems many marketplaces aren’t optimised to utilise Google Shopping. What you’ll usually find is products from Etsy, eBay and other highstreet websites. We certainly couldn’t ignore this golden opportunity for our vendors so for the past few weeks, we’ve been tinkering away to optimise Crafter’s Market UK.

It’s a long process and one that we can only influence, but provided with all the necessary information, all products listed on our marketplace are automatically crawled by Google and can be shown on the Google Shopping tab.

Moo Moos Mumma Father’s Day Card

Not only this, but product data is now arranged in relevant schema data to allow your listings to appear as Rich Data. Simply put, where applicable, your products can be highlighted and stand out against possible competitors. For example:

image 1
Review Rich Snippet

We’ll of course cover how to be eligible for Google Shopping in a vendor-focused tutorial on our Knowledgebase but for now wanted to let you all know that we’re hard at work working to better promote your wonderful creations on our marketplace!

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