Per-Product Shipping Feature Launch


Today we’d like to introduce the launch of our new shipping feature, Per-Product Shipping!

We like to listen to our vendor feedback, one feature in particular that has been requested in the past is the ability to offer shipping rates within the product edit management page.

Over the weekend, filled with freshly brewed coffee, we softly launched our brand new shipping method, Per-Product Shipping (PPS)!

Vendors can now begin using this feature instead or as well as the existing shipping options. To find out how to use this new feature please head over to our handy knowledgebase below:

Per-Product Shipping Knowledgebase Article

PPS plays nicely with the existing shipping methods (Class/Weight) so you’re free to utilise this new feature without impacting your existing costs. Simply head over to your product edit page > Shipping tab to enable the new feature for that product.

We’ll be keeping an eye on questions and feedback over the next few weeks to ensure this new feature is helping vendors in the way we hope 🙂

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