Our fees

Crafter’s Market fees are as follows:

Basic: 5% commission + 1.5%+20p payment processing.
Plus: 0% commission + 1.5%+20p payment processing.

Our fee calculator

To help you work out how much you should price your products we’ve created a handy little calculator below. This calculator includes all fees, eg. commission (if applicable) + payment processing fees.

Basic (5%)
Plus (0%)

The total fees include item price + shipping cost + payment processing fee.

Our plans & fees



Everything you need to start selling your crafts online with no up-front costs.

  • Pay just 5% commission when you sell an item.
  • + 1.5% + 20p Stripe Payment Processing Fee


£5.00 per month

Everything on the free package with additional features.

  • Pay no commission when you sell an item..
  • + 1.5% + 20p Stripe Payment Processing Fee

How much will I receive?

On our Basic package we take just 5% commission when you make a sale. The only other fee that's taken from your sale is from our chosen payment processor, Stripe, that take 1.5% + 20p.

Note: This chart shows the cost break down of our Basic package only.

Your share

Your share
Payment Processing
1.5% + 20p

Our share

Expenses & running costs
Margin & investment

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