Our 3 Quick tips for effective social media content


Did you know that less than 20% of readers will continue past the headline? Crazy right?

Small businesses using online selling platforms often rely heavily on funnelled traffic from various forms of social media. So it’s no surprise that social media content plays a big role in sales conversions! We can’t afford for 80% of our audience to scroll right past. 

In the world of online marketing, or network marketing, its important that businesses have good knowledge on how to keep a reader hooked right to the very last word of every post they create! What’s the point in a sales pitch if your readers are loosing interest after the first line? 

We’ve compiled 3 quick tips on how to engage your audience and make them want to keep reading: 

  1. Making sure your content is relatable to the audience you are trying to reach! What you write about means nothing if its not of interest to your readers. Write what people want to read! And by people, I mean your ideal client. There’s not much point trying to relate to people who you aren’t trying to sell to is there? 

    As a home fragrance business my ideal client is vastly females, who are proud of their homes and their appearance. I’d avoid topics such as football and beer. Common topics among men. Instead I’d focus on topics like cleaning, gin and latest fashion trends. 
  2. Shorter paragraphs. Long paragraphs are often harder to read and visually they are uninviting. There now, wasn’t that a nice paragraph to read? 
  3. Sentence rhythm. When we think of rhythm we all think of musicians, poets and dancers. All creative types of people who connect on masses with their audience. So it makes sense that sentence rhythm plays a key role in keeping your audience engaged. Long sentences are smooth and lovely to read. Short sentences snap! Varying your sentence length will help to hold and regain your readers focus!

Hopefully, with these quick tips you’ll be able to create interesting, easy to read posts that are valuable to your target audience!

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