Meet the Maker – Brambley House

Published on November 15th, 2022|Last updated on November 17th, 2022

Meet a maker who just happens to have received the first ever order when we launched Crafter’s Market UK

We love finding out more about our vendors. Learning what makes them tick, getting helpful business tips from them and seeing life as a small craft business owner. Let’s find out a little more about Brambley House and take a peek behind the scenes.

Hi Brambley House 👋, let’s start with a little introduction!

Hi, I’m Jane and I own a gift shop called Brambley House, based in South Staffordshire. I’ve always loved arts and crafts and have been a portrait artist for years. I decided to take the leap to open an online gift shop back in 2019.
Initially I started selling some of the wine charm sets I’d been making for myself and for others as gifts, and since then I’ve been gradually expanding my product range. I went on to include painted wooden decorations then invested in a laser engraver earlier this year so I now also have a range of engraved items that can be personalised

Meet the maker - Jane!
Hey look! Meet the Maker! It’s Jane!

So, Jane, where does this business name come from?

BH round logo

Well, I had products ready to sell for a while before I opened my shop and the only thing needed to get going was a shop name! I was really struggling to come up with something that sounded right until one day when I was clearing brambles in my garden! I quite liked the ring ‘Brambley House’ had to it!

What are your ambitions for your business over the next 12 months?

I’ll mainly focus on expanding my range of personalised laser engraved items, but I have some ideas for other types of products too. I like every day to be different and variation is important to me as it helps me stay so motivated. Having a wide range of products means each day is different.

What’s your absolute favourite item to sell?

That’s a tough one as I only create things I enjoy making! That’s what puts the fun into running a craft business.

Of all my craft items, I think my favourites are the engraved items that I’ve designed from scratch. A lot of love goes into making the designs and I’m kind of proud of how I’m getting so much better with the design software. Having had no previous experience with creating vector graphics, it’s really nice when someone appreciates the designs I’ve worked on!
I really do love painting wood slices though, especially the little pet ones. I get a real sense of achievement when they’re completed, and the owners are happy with the end results.

Did you know, jane is also a portrait artist? These wood slices incorporate both of her craft businesses!

Can you describe your workspace? Where do you make your items and what’s in it?

We have a small box room which has turned into my office and craft space. Having said that, it’s crammed full of materials and stock and my packing materials have had to relocate to the spare room! I tend to work from my craft room about half of the time, but I also work in the conservatory too because the light’s so good in there.

IMG 2727
Jane – Painting her wonderful Christmas wood slices.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Many of my products start out as gift ideas for my friends and family. I have a go at making them and if they turn out well, they become a product I sell. Many of my prototypes have suitable homes with friends!
In the last year or two, people have also asked me whether I can make certain items and I’m always up for a challenge. Those projects often develop into new products! Some of my most recent listings, including the Glencairn whisky glasses and decision dice originated that way.

If you could give your younger self one piece of advise what would it be?

I think I would tell myself to have the confidence to have opened my shop sooner! Life’s too short to spend time doing things you don’t enjoy. It’s hard work running a small business and I spend so many more hours working now. That’s ok though. If it’s fun to do so I don’t really consider it work.

What have you enjoyed most about your time on Crafter’s Market UK so far?

It has a great community behind it and such a friendly, helpful team. When I need help with anything, there’s always a fast response. I think there are enough stresses to navigate in life and it’s a joy to work alongside people who are genuinely on your side.
I also love that the team are so proactive in supporting all the sellers and developing the site. I’ve not seen that anywhere else. There always seems to be something new and exciting going on.

Where can we find your work other than on Crafter’s Market UK?

I want to try to mainly funnel my Brambley House sales through Crafters Market now. I post all my new products and other news on Facebook and Instagram and I’m on Twitter too using the handle @Brambley_House.

As a portrait artist I have a website which is and I’m on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using @janeblairart. I do also have a shop on Crafters Market for some of my prints.

Thank you so much for coming here and sharing more about yourself and your work Jane! We love having you in our vendor family! What a great meet the maker interview!

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Here’s some products from Jane Blair Art – Jane’s other store with us. Jane received the first ever order on our website back in March 2020 – “Selling her Set of 4 Blank Greetings Cards” to our first customer!