Meet the maker – Art By Elaine Creations

Published on September 13th, 2022

If there is one thing that we, here at Crafter’s Market HQ can’t help evolve and perfect then that’s raw talent! We can’t begin to explain the excitement we feel when a vendor signs up oozing with unquestionably skills in their craft and Art By Elaine Creations is one of those people!

So without further delay, let’s find out a little more.

Hi Elaine 👋, let’s start with a little introduction!

Hi my name is Elaine and I’m the owner of artbyelainecreations, I live in a small village just outside of Hull.

My passion is to draw and has been ever since I was at high school doing my G.C.S.E in Art. I am self-taught as I never carried my education in art which is one my biggest regrets in life. I love to draw and over the past 4 years I have moved into the medium of watercolours.

3 years ago I had someone say to me “Elaine why don’t you sell your artwork”, and this is what I have done. I make any occasion cards; bookmarks and I have just started to get my fingers into wooden hanging decorations trying to give more choice for my customers. But also, my watercolour artwork which are my love and enjoy painting my flowers and different characters.

image0 scaled
Occasion card handpainted by Elaine

So, Art by Elaine Creations, where does this business name come from?

image0 1

Well, what can I say it’s not a difficult name that I made. It is my name and I love to create, and my passion is art, so I decided to mix them all together and produced artbyelainecreations. Simple but highly effective, I think, don’t you?

What are your ambitions for your business over the next 12 months?

That’s a difficult one I’m always trying to produce more work and with art been my passion I am creating most of my time, my boyfriend often says to me “you painting again” I am really hoping to increase my sales and with the help of CMUK I am positive that is going to happen.

What’s your absolute favourite item to sell?

I have so many I couldn’t possibly chose. I love all my artwork especially my flowers I love the detail and how the water and paint mixes together the flowers can never be the same they are always different such a special unique way and enjoyment of painting.My favourite piece must be my very own creation of William the teddy bear. He was such a delight to create and even more so painting him I never get fed up with his cheeky look.

image1 scaled
“William” the teddy bear.
image1 3 scaled
Flowers – abother favourite of Elaine’s!

Can you describe your workspace? Where do you make your items and what’s in it?

Well… my workspace is all over the house, I have artwork everywhere and equipment in every room of the house well nearly every room the bathroom is left out ha ha ha!

My main workspace is in my bedroom at my dressing table I have equipment in lots of bags it is very organised, so I do know where everything is which makes it easier when I’m planning a piece and what I need.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

That is a difficult question, when I start painting my mind drifts off into a space where I feel happy, I have no worries concerns all my worries disappear and I just paint I let my mind go blank and allow the paint the water and the brush do the work.

I love creating flowers that are not actually real, there is no name for them, they are just my creation. When it comes to more of my detailed work, I get a lot of ideas from Pinterest it is a fabulous website and I love all the ideas you can gain from there. Instagram is another tool I love working with looking for ideas also posting my work and giving other people can gain thought and suggestions from my work.

My favourite artist who is also an author has always been my inspiration is Beatrix Potter as a child I always loved her work from her drawings to her watercolour work to her little delightful characters.

image0 4 scaled
Elaine’s own delightful characters!

If you could give your younger self one piece of advise what would it be?

Personally, I would give myself lots of advice looking back at my life I would love to change lots of things but in positive note I would tell myself to go to art college then university and follow my passion.

What have you enjoyed most about your time on Crafter’s Market UK so far?

Crafters Market UK is a lovely site to work on I find it easy to work around creating listings and to how colourful the site looks. The team behind the scenes Holly and David are fantastic and so very helpful to answering questions to supporting you if you have a problem and to having a friendly fun chat with them and to me that is so very important.

Where can we find your work other than on Crafter’s Market UK?

I have an Instagram account where I am constantly posting my listings and my artwork. I’m constantly on Facebook posting my listings to various sites to promote sales to crafters market UK.

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