TILLY Mega long XL flirt or tug toy with handle and tassels for dog or puppy


TILLY is a mega long toy, almost 2 metres long, with a fleece handle and tassels to initiate play in all dogs and puppies. It is a strong yet soft tug made from 4 strands of premium fleece. Fab for teaching tug games, or as a flirt toy which can be animated to grab your dog’s attention. The extra length keeps those sharp teeth away from our fingers. Great for puppies.
TILLY provides your pooches with lots of interactive fun which increases your bond together and provides both mental and physical enrichment so utilising their energy.
You can either choose a listed colour combo or create your own combo from: Royal blue, Navy blue, Turquoise, Emerald green, Lime green, Dark green, Yellow, Orange, Red, White, Black, Grey, Wine, Cerise Pink, Pale pink and Purple


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