TASSEL ‘MOP’ tug toy on strong elasticated bungee handle – RONNIE


RONNIE is a mop’ toy which is great for dogs that like to tug and shake their toys. RONNIE has many tantalising fleece tassels which make the toy easy to animate and to attract your dog’s attention during play or to use as an exciting reward during active training such as recall and agility.

The handle is a strong elasticted webbed bungee handle. The bungee effect reduces the strain on your dog’s neck and on your shoulders during play.

RONNIE can be popped into larger pockets to take out and about with you, and to hide and whip out quickly when needed for rewarding your dog.

To make the toy even more tantalising part of a rubber milk liner can also be added. These are used recycled milk liners from farms which still carry some of the scent to make the toy even more exciting to dogs.

You get to choose the fleece colours.


Please choose a fleece colour option

If you selected ‘ CUSTOM FLEECE COLOURS’ please type up to 4 colours below (from colour list in the description section)

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