Introducing Facebook & Instagram Shopping


We’ve been hard at work on Crafter’s Market recently and are excited to introduce our brand new feature for all of our vendors, Facebook & Instagram Shopping!

One of the unique features available on Crafter’s Market is the ability to create your very own custom domain names, eg. https://[your-shop] – great for shortening your links but this also enabled us to introduce a new unique feature!

Using your custom domain you can now create Facebook catalogs and link directly to your product here on Crafter’s Market. Once your Facebook catalog is set up, if eligible, you’ll also be able to product tag your Instagram posts furthering your products exposure.

Documentation in the works

When adding Crafter’s Market UK products to your Facebook or Instagram Shops, you’ll get a prompt from Facebook to verify your domain. You’ll need to verify your domain on Crafter’s Market UK using a code generated by Facebook Business Manager.

To verify your domain on Crafter’s Market UK:

  1. Login to your Facebook Business Manager and navigate to domain verification page.
  2. Add a new domain and enter your custom shop URL in this format: (note the https:// with no www.)
  3. Copy just the code from the meta-tag verification code provided by Facebook.
    So from:
    <meta name="facebook-domain-verification" content="35qsv1234fvqoq4bect9u3kjznwqg8" />
    you only want to copy:
  4. Sign into Crafter’s Market UK.
  5. Head over to your Store Manager > Settings > Connect page.
  6. Paste your metatag code from Facebook into the Facebook Metatag field on this page and click Save
  7. Return to Facebook Business Manager domain verification page and click Verify.

You’ll see a confirmation that your domain is verified. You can now add products to your Facebook catalogues using your listing URL: A real example would be:

FBShops colored

If you need assistance with Facebook Business Manager, please contact Facebook Support.

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