A UK alternative to Etsy


Another Etsy alternative? Yep – but hear us out!

Etsy has been fantastic for crafters and designers over the years and let’s face it – it’s definitely the marketplace leader, however we’d like to introduce an alternative, us 👋.

Over the years we feel something has gone missing. It’s almost Amazon-like (Sorry Amazon) in the way that it’s so huge it’s lost its community spirit – it no longer seems to listen. A lot of what we can find on Etsy is now imported goods/mass produced items.

This is where we’d like to introduce ourselves, Crafter’s Market UK.

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We’re a new marketplace specialising in helping you find and sell amazing crafts, designs and artwork online. Our aim is to introduce a breath of fresh air into the crafting marketplace scene with no upfront costs, low commission fees and welcoming community.

It’s certainly no secret that there are quite a few craft-based marketplaces out there. Crafter’s Market UK (CMUK) is one such multivendor platform but with a slightly different approach and focus however, making it a great alternative.

Created out of the frustrations of using some of the alternative marketplaces out there, CMUK is not just about turning a profit but instead aims to create a community of likeminded crafters. It’s about helping each other over discussions, marketing advice and small business queries – all accompanied by a secure shopping platform for its customers.

Why should Crafter’s Market UK should be your marketplace in 2021 2022 2023?

Put quite simply, CMUK has been created by crafters, for crafters. The same frustrations and difficulties that you have perhaps faced, the owners of CMUK have also endured, and in doing so, have become determined to create and offer a unique advantage over other marketplaces. CMUK looks to reshape the way the crafting marketplace operates and plans to develop it further in the future.

Some of the current marketplace features include:

  • Tree planted with every order
  • Shop analytics
  • Your own shop front
  • Custom domain name
  • Holiday mode
  • Customer discount codes
  • Private messaging
  • SMS order alerts
  • Zero listing fees
  • Social media advertising
  • Facebook market products
  • Shipping by weight/class
  • Per-Product shipping
  • Optimised for Google Shopping

We have laid out our forward looking plans for the next 5 years. Those plans include reinvesting back into the marketplace from day one in order to introduce yet more features and functionality that may be sought by vendors and customers. Since the date of this article, we have already introduced Per-Product Shipping, Custom domain names, Google Shopping and our own Shop Audit helper.

So if you’re a crafter, looking for a new and original platform from which to sell your crafts, or if you are simply looking for an utterly unique gift for someone special (or even yourself), we feel this marketplace is a great choice for you.

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