5 Reasons You Should Shop With Small Craft Businesses


The world is changing, and with online shopping showing no signs of slowing down, there is more online businesses than ever before. Becoming a successful small craft business is growing more and more challenging, it takes passion and dedication to run a small business which often means long hours and late nights to compete against large corporate companies.

We thought we should show you a few reasons why you should be choosing to spend your hard earned money with our crafters instead of some of the much larger corporations.

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Help your economy

Research has shown that when you shop with a small independent business 70p of every £1 goes back into the local economies, compared to just 5p if you shop with big corporate companies. By shopping small, you’re not only supporting that small business but also your local economy.

Unrivalled customer service with that personal touch

How often is it that you walk into a store and they know your name or your favourite products? Small businesses can offer that personal touch. Small business owners typically go that extra mile to make you feel appreciated. Having an opportunity to build a loyal bond with the owner which then opens up plenty of extra benefits. Try before you buy, customise your own product to suit your tastes, get special discounts and receive free gifts for your loyalty; to name but a few benefits a small business owner can offer you which Debbie on the Home Bargains checkout cannot.

Being able to form these ‘friendships’ with business owners also means they often give great advice tailored to you, whether its recommending other small businesses they know you would love, recipes to try, or TV programmes to watch.

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Better for the environment

Small businesses are making the biggest impact on reducing carbon footprints and easing global warming. With more customers thinking about the environment more small businesses are catering for the eco-friendly customers. From using biodegradable resources, eco-friendly packaging, and buying from local suppliers small business owners are putting the environment first, often ahead of profit!

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Most small craft businesses actively make a conscious effort to make greener choices.

One of a kind

Nobody likes turning up to the work Christmas party wearing the same outfit as Doris from accounting. Small businesses provide a treasure trove of one-of-a-kind products that just can’t be found on the high street. They also allow you to express yourself and show that true you! Wear those bright quirky earrings or that paisley covered hair bow that is as big as your fist. Small business owner solidify the idea that its okay to be different. You don’t need to have those on trend sunglasses to ‘fit in’.

Small businesses provide a treasure trove of one-of-a-kind products that just can’t be found on the high street.

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Authenticity & personality

Supporting small businesses doesn’t just allow you to let your own personality shine through, but you’ll also be letting a small business owner thrive and allow them to share their personality as well. You aren’t supporting a board of directors who are only interested in seeing the line on that graph rise, you’re supporting a real life person with charm, a sense of humour, fears and doubts.

When a small business owner grows and begins to make an impact on their community they become a huge influence. They become the people who start to normalise old fashioned views that no longer have a place in our era. That popular local business who says its okay to have off days, that is open about their struggles, that celebrates the small wins because some days the small wins are the only things we can manage and that’s okay.

The authenticity surrounding those beloved business owners makes for a kinder, more caring community.

Supporting small businesses has never been this easy

You have the power at your finger tips! LITERALLY! Don’t forget that supporting a small business doesn’t even require you to spend money with them. There is many other ways you can help a small business:

  • Tell your friends about them! Whether that’s verbally or virtually. Share their social media posts & tag your friends in the comments.
  • Engage on their social media content. Every bit of engagement whether its a like, comment or share, helps small business posts to be shared to a wider community.
  • Visit and spend time on their website window shopping. Who doesn’t love window shopping? Again this helps increase their analytics which in turn generates better online visibility.

If you do happen to purchase from a small business why not take a photo? Small businesses love receiving photos of their products in use and using customer images in their social media content really helps to boost their credibility!

Reviews, whether good or bad, are also helpful for a small business. Never be afraid to leave some constructive feed back to help a small business improve. But remember to be kind and polite! If you have had a negative experience with a product you’ve purchased try reaching out to the business privately to resolve the issues first – typically because you’re dealing with a small business, you’re going to get an attentive and responsive reply.

So there we have it! Our 5 Reasons You Should Shop Small Craft Businesses 🛍

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